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Choosing your brand, style and e-liquid(s).

We recommend the V2. If you’re looking for an authentic tobacco “throaty” inhale feeling, we recommend the manual pushbutton battery with high strength tobacco e-liquid. The pushbutton version allows you full control of puff-time and overall, it outperformed any automatic version we tried. Vapor King’s automatic e-cig has a new improved atomizer and is certainly worthy of consideration as well.


E-liquid flavor is obviously a matter of preference, but our team voted imported tobacco flavored e-liquid by electronic cigarettes Inc. number one. If using more than one flavor we advise you to order a separate atomizer for each flavor. Atomizers absorb the e-liquid flavor, even after proper cleaning. Using multiple flavors through one atomizer may produce an undesired effect. top  shop


Initial battery charging and first few puffs.

Most brands recommend a full 8 hour charge before initial use. Most batteries' recharge time averaged 1 hour 25 minutes. Thee-cig batteries we used and charged regularly lasted longer than those left uncharged or seldom used. Battery quality is a major concern and low prices usually indicate poor batteries.


The very first few e-cig puffs are typically dry and not real tasty. It takes several uses for the atomizer to acquire its true flavor. Some brands recommend putting one drop of e-liquid directly on the atomizer before initial use. This will quickly improve taste but flooding the atomizer may result in a shorter atomizer life. We recommend you be patient and break your e-cig in slowly. Many experienced users avoid inhaling the first 10 to 20 puffs until the atomizer begins to soak up the e-liquid. top  shop


General maintenance and cleaning.

Maintenance instructions vary pending on model type. The reusable atomizers are easy to maintain. Simply remove the battery and cartridge from the atomizer. Blow through the battery (threaded) end of the atomizer and place it standing battery end up on a tissue. This will allow the atomizer to drain and prevent clogging. Proper maintenance promotes atomizer longevity and better vapor production.


Keep batteries fully charged and replace cartridges when the inner fiber begins to break down. Do not use the same cartridge for much longer than recommended and dispose of immediately if one ever begins to leak. If your e-cig is not operating well, it is either due to a low battery, clogged atomizer, or depleted cartridge. For optimum taste refill or replace cartridges often. Keep cartridges saturated but do not fill to the point of overflow. Not all e-cig liquids are compatible. Use only the brand recommended for your electronic cigarette. top  shop      


Improve vapor (“smoke”) production.

The keys to optimum e-cig smoking are maintenance and technique. Follow the general tips noted above and use a slow steady draw when puffing your e-cig. The atomizer produces vapor at a steady rate so sucking harder does not increase vapor production. Clean and store your atomizer as instructed. If atomizers become clogged or begin to taste bad, many users boil them for a minute. Then run a few drops of rubbing alcohol through the atomizer, rinse thoroughly, blow it out and allow to dry overnight. top  shop


How to e-smoke more politely and responsibly.

Even though e-cigs produce no foul odor or secondhand smoke, users should still be considerate of others. We recommend you ask business owners or security/authority personnel prior to smoking your e-cig. It’s best to explain to those near by how the e-cig works and ask if they mind if you smoke...I mean enjoy some flavored nicotine vapor. top  shop


Safety concerns and user precautions.

Please refer to your users manual for safety warnings and user recommendations. The leading safety concern is often e-liquid leakage. Avoid smoking e-cigs in a horizontal position and do not overfill when refilling cartridges. Do not clean your atomizer with soda pop. This is a quick, but only temporary fix and is definitely not recommended.

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Find more helpful information on our FAQ and Reviews or submit a question to the e-cig team.


Here is a new How-To video demonstration compliments of V2 Cigs..


Choosing your brand, style and e-liquid(s).


Initial battery charging and first few puffs.


General maintenance and cleaning.  


Improve vapor (“smoke”) production.


How to e-smoke politely and responsibly.


Safety concerns and user precautions.


How to safely clean a clogged atomizer.


Our most frequently asked e-cig questions.


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