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Hello, my name is Robert Allen. I am the creator of Go-ElectronicCigarettes.com. I smoked a pack a day for over 30 years before trying my first e-cigarette. The chemicals used to produce the new so called “fire safe” cigarettes (FSC) make me sick, not to mention the fact FSC cigarettes won’t stay lit,taste terrible and cost an arm and a leg.


Long story short, I reluctantly bought an electronic cigarette expecting the worst. I got my kit in about three days and at first I wasn’t impressed. After a couple days I began developing a technique, and soon I was enjoying huge clouds of tasty vapor. I am head over heels in love this silly thing and I think you will be too.


Of course not all electric cigarettes are equal and we found several brands you would be wise to avoid. That’s precisely why we built this website and recruited a diverse team of annalists. We want everyone to get a good first impression of this amazing product, so we sponsor only the best e-cigarettes. Had I tried a lesser brand, or given up before learning how to e-smoke, I would still be wasting my money on cigarettes I don’t even enjoy smoking.


Below are some testimonies from our e-cig team and a few from our many satisfied customers. You can easily find more testimonies and complete information by clicking the banners in our store and visiting the official website. If you have any questions, or wish to post your testimony please contact the e-cg team.















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Smoke Stik


“Smoke Stik is a workhorse and very reliable. They have great flavors and offer both two and three part designs. When it comes to versatility, dependability and fast friendly service, you can’t beat the Smoke Stick company. ”

~The e-Cig Team, Go-ElectronicCigarettes.com


 "I have tried a number of e-cigarettes and it wasn’t until I ordered a SmokeStiks that I really enjoyed the taste. I received just as much taste and pleasure as I had been from my old Camels. SmokeStik has a phenomenal tasted that has replaced my old habit." -

~Robert Case


"I was skeptical of this electronic cigarette the first time I heard about it. I went ahead and made the plunge and purchased one. I will never look back to my old cigarette. I get just as much sensation and pleasure as I did from my cig without all the tar, carcinogens, and weird chemicals."

~Amanda Gray
















V2 Cigs


“V2 Cigs is possibly the best tasting e-cig on the market. It produce plenty of thick delicious vapor and their new battery delivers a powerful long lasting charge. When it comes to convenience, versatility, taste and reliability V2 Cig is our number one recommendation.”

~The e-Cig Team, Go-ElectronicCigarettes.com




"There's a reason V2 Cigs has sold to over 1 Million Satisfied Customers, They are the #1 Electronic Cigarette on the market and customers can't resist but to come back"




“After seeing the other e-cigs with the mix yourself and multi piece junk, I choose to take a chance on V2. I am so glad I did. Worked great right out of the box and I love my new USB charger. I smoke and love the vanilla. Thank you V2”

~David Bowen

















Ever Smoke


“Ever Smoke e-cig produces the most vapor of any e-cig I have triedthus far. Their low prices, fast shipping and super tasty e-liquids make Ever Smoke a fine choice for any e-smoker.”

~Careen Burke  


"I have tried many kinds of electronic cigarette kits, and this kit is the best one by far. nice clean and big smoke. I JUST LOVE THIS KIT"
~Erminio Astel


"I have previously tried other brands and was determined to find one that delivered on the claims made for the product. Well, I found the 'real deal' here. It works beautifully, have been using it for 6 weeks, and it is so convenient. I use the liquid refill. For me, the first bottle lasted almost 4 weeks...and I use it throughout the day, was a 'pack-a-day' smoker and for 6 weeks I've used it exclusively. Thanks, Ever Smoke for being the 'real deal'!!!
~Karen Dolan



















“Premium has all the right stuff and offers an impressive selection of styles and flavors to choose from. I looks are as important as function Premium is the logical choice. You will not be disappointed with this brand and their customers service is outstanding As well.”

The e-Cig Team, Go-ElectronicCigarettes.com


"I have tried two other brands of e-cigarettes that worked okay, but Premium is definitely my favorite. The batteries last way longer than my other brands and I like their tobacco flavor the best. If I could only recommend one e-cig it would be the PR 111 by Premium.”  
Tony Putnam


"I finally found an  affordable e-cig that actually works. Premium e-cig tastes a lot like my Camels did before FSC and  I’m saving a ton of money e-smoking. I recommend Premium electronic cigarettes.”
Jennifer Stone

















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Warning: Nicotine is highly addictive. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or mitigate any disease or condition. You must be over the legal age of your state to buy and or use these products with nicotine options. If you have a known allergy or sensitivity to nicotine, if you are pregnant or breast feeding, or if you have heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure or asthma consult your physician before using these products. As with any cigarette, electronic cigarettes are not FDA approved.


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