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Frequently Asked Question


What is an electronic cigarette?

How does an electric cigarette work?

How many parts does an e-cig have?

Are electronic cigarettes safe to use?

Are electronic cigarettes being banned?

What does the e-cig vapor taste like?

Which electric cigarette brand works best?

How long does an electronic cigarette last?

One cartridge is equal to how many cigarettes?

Will an electric cigarette save me money?


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What is an electronic cigarette?

Simply put, it is a cigarette shaped device that lights up and produces a flavored vapor that usually contains nicotine. It’s battery operated and simulates the look and feel of smoking without producing any actual smoke.


E-cigs produce no fire, ash, pollution, offensive odor or secondhand smoke. Many users wean themselves off of nicotine completely by gradually lowering the nicotine strength level. Enjoy smoking virtually anytime, anywhere for as long as you wish. It’s an easy way to quit smoking or a stylish new way to smoke more freely and responsibly. top  shop


How does an electric cigarette work?

In short, a battery powered atomizer turns a liquid into a vapor. You have to puff a little slower and longer, but you draw the vapor from the e-cig just like puffing a regular cigarette. Frankly, they feel a bit heavy and bulky at first, but it grows on you and it’s very simple to use and maintain. top  shop


How many parts does an e-cig have?

Two or three.


This is the largest and, in our opinion, the most important of the three component. Most can be recharged using a number of different devices like wall charger, car adapter, and USB chargers. Under normal use the average charge lasts around 6 hours, and the battery itself lasts about a year. The disposable batteries are designed to last just long enough to deplete one full cartridge.


For best results choose a push button battery. This allows you full control of the amount of vapor produced with each puff. The manual batteries last just as long or longer than the automatics and perform twice as well. Most automatic batteries (not Luci) deliver a modest 2-3 second puff that will leave many real smokers longing for that “throaty” drag feeling. Watch the video demonstration below to compare automatic and manual batteries.  



This is the small center piece that actually creates the vapor. Most designs use either a reusable atomizer or a disposable atomizer that is built in to the cartridge, more commonly referred to as a   “cartomizer”.


With the exception of the built in or disposable versions, all atomizers require some minor cleaning and maintenance to achieve optimum performance. Clean, store and use as recommended and this component is basically fail proof. Most reusable atomizers last roughly 100 cartridges. That’s about one year of moderate use, or longer if used casually.



It’s the small piece on the end that looks and acts somewhat like the filter of a traditional cigarette. One end slips into the atomizer and the other has a tiny hole that allows you to draw the vapor out.


This unit contains a fiber that holds the flavored nicotine or non-nicotine liquid. You can buy pre filled disposables cartridges with built in atomizer, or the refillable type and use the money saving e-liquids. The e-liquids come in a variety of flavors and honestly many brands and flavors are similar in terms of quality. One disposable cartridge (cartomizer) is comparable to 1 pack of cigarettes. Refillable cartridges can be reused anywhere from 5 to 20 times and should be replaced before leakage occurs, as in when the fiber inside begins to break down or discolor. top  shop


Which e-cig worked best for you?

The Vapor King 510 series with a manual battery (push button) produced the most vapor. Green Smoke is a close second and has the best flavors. Premium had the longest lasting battery. Smoke Stick is the workhorse of the bunch and offers both disposable and reusable atomizers. Cigarti is by far the most stylish e-cig on the market and has great flavors too.  


We promise that all electronic cigarette companies feature here have proven to be superior in regards to product, price and service. Convenient, secure online shopping with no hidden fees plus friendly professional service and fast deliveries are three more good reasons to shop here at Go-ElectronicCigarettes.com. top  shop


Are e-cigs safe to use?

Electronic cigarettes are tar free, odorless, and free of many of the chemicals found in traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are carbon monoxide free. They never have to be lit. You can choose your nicotine level and flavor. There is no ash, or second hand smoke, or cigarette butts. You cannot burn anything with them like car seats, furniture or carpets and create less pollution. As with regular cigarettes, e-cigarettes are not FDA approved (see below). Most of our team  experienced the benefits typically associated with quitting smoking and no one experienced any noticeable ill affects after long term daily use.

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Are electronic cigarettes banned?

E-cigs are not allowed on some airplanes but we are not aware of any other legal restrictions thus far. The FDA tested but did not ban e-cigs in the US. Their concern was primarily with the use of the chemical “diethylene glycol”, which most e-cigs use to create a vapor. This chemical is used in antifreeze and is toxic to humans. However the FDA tests detected as little as 1% diethylene glycol in the worst of the cartridges tested. The FDA has already approved the use of up to 2% diethylene glycol in the processing of our food. Many e-cig companies even offer a vegetable based e-liquid alternative.  top  shop


What does it taste like?

We haven't tried all of the exotic e-flavors like chocolate and cherry cola etc., but most of the tobacco flavors are very authentic. The vapor does not taste like smoke, but rather a warm sweet, mellow tobacco flavor. The menthol flavors, usually taste a bit more like mint than menthol and may take some getting used to. Our team declared Green Smoke the king of menthol.  top  shop


How long does an e-cig last?

Generally speaking, the atomizer and battery are good for about 1 years’ worth of moderate daily use. The style of battery you choose and how often you use/charge it, greatly determine longevity. Much like a cell phone the battery strength slowly decreases as the battery ages. You may wish to replace the battery before it actually expires completely. top  shop


How many cigarettes does one cartridge equal?

This is a tricky question as the answer greatly depends on the size of your puffs and how much nicotine you get from smoking one traditional cigarette. Most companies claim 1 tip produces around 200 puffs, equivalent to a pack of cigarettes. We found that even the best cartridges begin to lose their full flavor after about 75 puffs. Most become increasingly drier and less tasty, and eventually quit producing quality vapor  at around 150 puffs. top  shop   


Will an electronic cigarette save me money?

Absolutely! Smoking e-cigs is roughly 70% cheaper than buying traditional cigarettes. The lowest priced e-cigs we’ve found thus far are the Vapor King 510 Series for $54.95 and Premium who offers a starter kit for only $45.95. Click the banner below to get one of these single starter kit with everything you need for the lowest price available.  top  shop




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Warning: Nicotine is highly addictive. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or mitigate any disease or condition. You must be over the legal age of your state to buy and or use these products with nicotine options. If you have a known allergy or sensitivity to nicotine, if you are pregnant or breast feeding, or if you have heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure or asthma consult your physician before using these products. As with any cigarette, electronic cigarettes are not FDA approved.


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